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Hello! This is 3 Arif 2012 official blog...
This blog be rules by the twins :
Fizz and Aira
Come on read our class story :D


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Quotes 4 Allz!

There are always those who cannot
let go of their past.

There is both joy and wonder
in coming to understand another.


Alongside time exist fate,
the bearer of cruelty


Making the wisest of decisions requires one
to escape from the desires of temptation


One of life's greatest blessing is the freedom
to pursue one's goal.


One's destiny, fortune, temperament,
and even their answer,
are influenced and will determined


Only Courage in face doubt can lead one to the answer

To find the one true path one must seek guidance


 Only with strength 
can  endure suffering 

The silent voice within one's heart
whisper the most profound wisdom

Celebrate life's grandeur,
with brilliance,
with magnificence
with intelligence
will lead to one's goal


Sometimes what you want isn't always what you get,
 but in the end what you get is so much better than what you wanted

ok tu je daripada saya (razin) harap2 korang suke.... penat memikir ayat